Announcement: EGU Vienna/Business Meeting of the Division on Cryospheric Sciences

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Announcement: EGU Vienna/Business Meeting of the Division on Cryospheric Sciences

Gudmundsson, Hilmar
Dear Colleagues

The EGU General Assembly 2010 starts next week. May I remind you that the Division Business Meeting for Cryospheric Sciences in on Thu, 06 May from 12:15-13:15 in Room 5.

The Business Meeting (BM) is our opportunity to shape the future structure and direction of the Division on Cryospheric Sciences and EGU as whole.  So please do come to the meeting. An added bonus are the free refreshments provided!

Agenda of the BM:

1. Overview over last EGU 2009, activities during the year and the current structure of the division.

Currently the list of officers and secretaries is as follows:

G. Hilmar Gudmundsson  ([hidden email])

Vice President
Marco Tedesco ([hidden email])


PC Chair: G. Hilmar Gudmundsson  ([hidden email])
EGU Journals: Jonathan L. Bamber ([hidden email])
Outreach: Andy Kaeaeb            ([hidden email])
Division Medals: David Drewry    ([hidden email])


Sea Ice: Peter Wadhams ([hidden email])
Permafrost: missing
Glaciers and ice sheets: Al Rasmussen ([hidden email])
Ice Shelves: Angelika Humbert  ([hidden email])
Avalances: Juerg Schweizer  ([hidden email])
Snow:  Martin Schneebeli <[hidden email]>
Cryospheric modelling: Frank Pattyn ([hidden email])

2. Future organization of the Cryospheric Division

-EGU has produced a new document on `best practices'. The document will be presented and discussed.

-I ask you to comment on the current and future structure of the division. Do we need further secretaries and officers?  

Currently we don't have anyone for permafrost. Please make suggestions directly to me (Hilmar Gudmundsson), preferably before the start of the Business Meeting.

3. Louis Agassiz medal

-This year medallist is Hajo Eicken. The medal lecture is in Room 5, Tue, 04 May, 19:00-20:00.

-The new EGU document on `best practices' has some implications with regard to the future structure of the Louis Agassiz medal committee. We need to discuss this and decide on the best way forward.

-President of the Louis Agassiz medal committee: Garry Clark is suggested as president for the next two years.  The BM needs to accept this, or come up with alternative candidates.

-Call for next year candidates for the Louis Agassiz medal. Deadline is 31 May.

Any proposal should consist  of a short summary plus a personal statement in support of  the candidate in form of an email and the CV and a short  list of the most important publications of the nominee as  attachments. Proposals should be submitted directly to the  appropriate Committee or Division, respectively, via the  corresponding Information and Discussion Forum  [hidden email].

4. Publication.

-Overview over the status of `The Cryosphere'.
-The Cryosphere is now ISI listed!

5. Other matters.

-If you have suggestions for any further items please contact me before the meeting.


G. Hilmar Gudmundsson

President of the Cryospheric Division

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