Announcing the 16th GLIMS Workshop, 11-13 August, 2017, Boulder, Colorado

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Announcing the 16th GLIMS Workshop, 11-13 August, 2017, Boulder, Colorado

Bruce Raup-2
Announcing the 16th GLIMS Workshop, to be held August 11-13, 2017, in
Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Immediately before the International Glaciological Society (IGS) Symposium
on "Polar Ice, Polar Climate, Polar Change", the GLIMS (Global Land Ice
Measurements from Space) community will conduct a workshop to foster
involvement from the community in glacier mapping and to improve our
responsiveness to the community.  The approximate agenda is below.

The IGS symposium's focus is on high latitudes, where there are many
glaciers and ice caps treated by the GLIMS community and which are of high
scientific interest (e.g. the surging Vavilov ice cap).  We hope to have
the participation of many of the attendees of this IGS symposium.

Venue:  the National Snow and Ice Data Center, East Campus of the
University of Colorado

Please notify us of interest in attending this workshop by sending a note
to braup @

Draft agenda for GLIMS Workshop, August 11-13, 2017
Boulder, Colorado

Friday, August 11

     Morning:  GLIMS Core Team only (to discuss core team issues, such
     as funding, general directions for GLIMS, new satellite issues,
     relations with other projects and programs, etc.)  This list of topics
     will be identified ahead of time by email.

     Afternoon:  (open)

      - State of GLIMS update from GLIMS Core Team.  Status of GLIMS and
        Randolph Glacier Inventory (RGI) databases, summary of glacier
        mapping methods employed, summary of input data sources.

      - Approx. 10 minute presentations from any and all interested people --
        RC folks, newcomers.

Saturday, August 12

     Morning:  (open)

      - More time for contributed presentations if needed.

      - Identify key issues (discussion).  Possible examples include: needed
        improvements, opportunities for growth, data quality, future
        satellite missions.

      - Break into discussion groups on each topic identified.

     Afternoon: (open)

      - Summary of issue discussions.

      - Form small groups (might be different from morning groups) to take
        "deep dive" into select issues.  This could be "hackathon" style
        development of algorithms or code, or outlining a white paper on the
        issue and recommended next steps.

Sunday, August 13

     Morning:  (open)
      - Short presentations summarizing group work from previous day.
      - Closing remarks.

     Afternoon:  Free, or group hike

Thanks for your interest in GLIMS, and we hope to see you in Boulder in


The GLIMS Core Team:

Bruce Raup
Adina Racoviteanu
Etienne Berthier
Frank Paul
Jeffrey Kargel
Tobias Bolch

Bruce H. RAUP
National Snow and Ice Data Center
University of Colorado
449 UCB,  Boulder, CO 80309
Phone:  303-492-8814
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