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Antarctic Digital Database Version 6.0

Herbert, David J.
The SCAR Antarctic Digital Database (ADD - is a seamless compilation of topographic data for the continent of Antarctica to 60ºS. It is free for scientific and operational use.

Version 6.0 of the ADD is now available which includes updated content and a completely revised website providing easy data download in a wide range of formats. The SCAR ADD consists of geographic information layers including:

* Coastline
* Ice-shelf grounding line
* Rock outcrop
* Elevation data
* Human presence features including research station locations
* Glacier and ice front change
* Landsat Image Mosaic of Antarctica

The ADD is derived from a wide variety of sources and aims to provide the best currently available data in Antarctica. All data are provided at the original scale of the source data with accompanying metadata and generalised to map scales of 1:1 million and 1:10 million.  The new ADD Map Viewer provides rapid visualisation of the ADD datasets.

Registered users are able to download geospatial data for work in desktop GIS packages. Organisations involved in Antarctic mapping are encouraged to submit new and updated content to the ADD. Updates to the ADD content will occur each year in mid-June and mid-December.

For all matters related to the SCAR Antarctic Digital Database please contact us at [hidden email].
The ADD is managed by British Antarctic Survey on behalf of the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
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