Antarctic clouds, aerosols, and precipitation session at SCAR conference, Portland 15-19 July 2012

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Antarctic clouds, aerosols, and precipitation session at SCAR conference, Portland 15-19 July 2012

Irina Gorodetskaya
Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to submit an abstract to the session #20 "ANTARCTIC CLOUDS, AEROSOLS, AND PRECIPITATION" at the next SCAR Open Science Conference to be held in Portland (USA), 16-19 July, 2012 ( The deadline for abstract submission is 15 February 2012.

Although an important part of the climate system our knowledge of Antarctic clouds and aerosols and the processes that result in precipitation is limited. Recently new satellites, ground based remote sensing techniques, such as lidars, and some limited in situ measurements have meant that our understanding of Antarctic clouds, precipitation and aerosols is slowly advancing. This session plans to review the measurements taken from the various instruments and produce an overview of our understanding of Antarctic clouds, aerosols and precipitation. It is hoped that the session will attract talks on satellite, ground based and in situ airborne measurements as well as modelling studies.

The abstracts (maximum 2500 characters) should be sent directly to the Organizing Committee following the instructions of the conference website (

If you are interested in participating, please send to us the title (even if provisional) and the authorships of your paper, and your preference for oral or poster, before 15 February 2012.

Note for students: The first 200 students who submit an abstract for the Open Science Conference will pay no registration fee. More info:

We look forward to seeing you in Portland!

Best regards,

Tom Lachlan-Cope ([hidden email]), convener
Christophe Genthon ([hidden email])
Irina Gorodetskaya ([hidden email])

ps Apologies for any cross-posting.

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