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Arctic Change 2017 - Québec City

Luke Copland

Dear colleagues,


We are writing to invite you to submit an abstract for our session on ‘Glacier Change and Ice-Ocean Interaction’ at the Arctic Change 2017 conference in Québec City, Canada, Dec. 11-15, 2017:


Session ID COA01. Glacier Change and Ice-Ocean Interaction

Derek Mueller (Carleton University)

Luke Copland (University of Ottawa)


Arctic glaciers and ice shelves have undergone substantial changes in the last decade, including the production of numerous icebergs and larger ice islands. Understanding the changing dynamics of these cryospheric features can provide insight into the impacts and patterns of climate and oceanic warming in high latitude regions. There are currently many unanswered questions in this topic, such as whether glaciers will speed up or slow down in response to a warming climate, whether Arctic ice shelf losses can have upstream effects on glacier dynamics, and how recently observed Arctic sea ice losses are related to ice shelf breakup events. There is also a need for improved understanding of the impacts of these changes on northern infrastructure, such as the degree of risk ice islands pose to offshore oil development, and whether iceberg production from glaciers will impact northern shipping. This session will bring together recent research in these topics, and we encourage contributions from researchers working in field, modelling and remote sensing studies of all aspects of ice shelves/tongues, icebergs/ice islands, glaciers and ice caps.


The deadline for abstract submission is Sept. 22, 2017. More information about the meeting, together with the link to submit an abstract, is at:


We look forward to seeing you in Québec!



Luke Copland

Derek Mueller


Dr. Luke Copland
Professor & University Research Chair in Glaciology

Department of Geography, Environment and Geomatics

University of Ottawa

Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, Canada
Tel: <a href="tel:&#43;1%20613%20562%205800;2826">+1 613 562 5800 x2826


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