Arctic Change 2017 - Sea ice session

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Arctic Change 2017 - Sea ice session

David Babb
Arctic Change 2017 will be hosted by ArcticNet in Quebec City, Canada this December 11-15. The conference will bring together leading Arctic researchers, graduate students, Northern community representatives, government and industry partners and stakeholders from all fields. During the week, the world’s foremost Arctic scientists will discuss the emerging global challenges and opportunities arising from climate change and modernization in the circum-Arctic. With over 1500 participants expected to attend, Arctic Change 2017 will be one of the largest trans-sectoral international Arctic research conferences ever held in Canada. The abstract submissions deadline is September 22nd. For more information visit the website below

Specific to the Cryolist we would like to invite abstracts for session COA02 - Marine Cryosphere: Physical Properties and Processes, and Remote Sensing.

The marine cryosphere is experiencing changes unprecedented in the Anthropocene. Advancing a system level understanding of thermodynamic and dynamic properties and processes within snow covered sea ice, along with their affects on ocean-atmosphere interactions is vital to quantify and assess the impact of observed changes. We propose a broad, interdisciplinary and international marine cryospheric session on physical aspects of, and processes within snow and sea ice based on observation, methodological development, or remote sensing. The conveners welcome papers which contribute to a fruitful discussion of Arctic sea ice and snow properties and processes from the smallest to the largest scales in space and time.          

We hope to see you in Quebec City,
Co-convenors - Dave Babb ([hidden email]) & Ryan Galley
University of Manitoba

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