Arctic Change Session at AAG 2018

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Arctic Change Session at AAG 2018

Ballinger, Thomas J

American Association of Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting

New Orleans, LA

April 10-14, 2018


Session Title:

Recent Environmental Change in the Arctic



Thomas Ballinger (Texas State University)

Thomas Mote (University of Georgia)



AAG Climate and Cryosphere Specialty Groups


Session Description:

Arctic warming has prompted widespread, and at times abrupt, local-to-regional sea and glacial ice melt with associated climatic effects emanating through the Arctic and lower latitudes.  In this session, we welcome a broad array of Arctic change studies conducted over various spatial scales that apply observational and/or modeling approaches to examine satellite-era oceanic, atmospheric, and/or landscape interactions with sea and glacial ice cover.  Arctic climate impacts studies, linking hotspots of melt to large-scale weather patterns, sea-level rise, or environmental change, for instance, are also welcomed.  Please send your pin and session-related questions to Tom Ballinger ([hidden email] ).

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