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Arctic Research Expedition?

Adrian McCallum
Dear Cryolisters

I was the scientist on the 2011 Catlin Arctic Expedition.

Although data-collection via such means is atypical, we continue to publish peer-reviewed analyses of our findings, and I believe that cost-effective ‘intimate’ expeditions such as these, can collect valuable high spatiotemporal-resolution data, not obtainable via other means; I argued this recently in ECO magazine:

The NSF recently published their solicitation for Arctic Research Opportunities:

In collaboration with US researchers, I would like to submit a proposal to conduct an ‘intimate’ cost-effective Arctic scientific research expedition, to obtain high spatiotemporal resolution CTD, ADCP etc. data in the high Arctic, probably during atypical periods such as winter/spring.

I am based at an Australian university and I don’t believe that any of my existing US research colleagues/collabrators have the interest or capacity to prosecute such an expedition; therefore, I am putting this call out to seek any US-based researchers who may be interested in ‘working-up’ an Arctic research expedition, based upon these lines…

Thanks very much for your consideration of my request.



Adrian McCallum, PhD
Senior Lecturer, Geotechnical Engineering
Manager, Defence Engagement
University of the Sunshine Coast
Director, Bloomhill Cancer Care
+61 422 433 638
USC Webpage: 
Research Gate:

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