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Neven Acropolis
Hello cryospheric scientists!

I know this mailing list is mostly used for offering jobs and informing each other of conferences and workshops, but I just wanted to tell you that I've created an extension to the Arctic Sea Ice Blog called the Arctic Sea Ice Forum to make it easier for people to discuss everything concerning the cryosphere, AGW in general and what to do about it (the blog was getting too busy/noisy).

As we all know, there's a real risk of AGW becoming a very serious and costly issue, and as scientists have the best tools to assess this risk, there's a lot of blah-blah about how scientists ought to communicate and the interface between the public and the scientific world, etc.

Well, this is one such interface and a lot of people would appreciate it if even more (cryospheric) scientists would step up to the plate and share their knowledge and expectations of current events and things to come. A big advantage of a forum is that you can choose to do so anonymously.

Here's the link: Arctic Sea Ice Forum (ignore the security warning and make an exception as https is actually safer than http).

Best regards,

Neven Curlin/Acropolis from Austria
Arctic Sea Ice Blog

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