Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART) Information Meeting at ASSW 2011

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Arctic in Rapid Transition (ART) Information Meeting at ASSW 2011

Carolyn Wegner
Dear Colleagues,

During the Arctic Science Summit Week 2011 there will be an Information
Meeting on the new international pan-Arctic network “Arctic in Rapid
Transition (ART)” on March 30, 2011 from 13:30-14:00. The ART network
aims to fulfill the need for an improved multidisciplinary and
cross-timescales understanding of climate-related changes in Arctic
marine ecosystems. ART’s broad focus is on past, present and future
transitions in sea-ice, and how they are related to changes in marine
ecosystems and biogeochemistry of the Arctic Ocean. ART was initiated in
2008 by early career scientists and is endorsed by the Marine Working
Group of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), the former
Arctic Ocean Sciences Board. The complete ART Science and Implementation
Plans are available at

ART will be implemented via a three-phase approach. The implementation
approach proposed for ART will partly rely on the successful integration
and collaboration with scientific programs that are already active. The
legacy of ART will be a robust set of predictive tools that will
contribute to a reinforcement of Arctic marine sciences into global
assessments of impacts of climate change and increased human activity in
the Earth System.

Phase I of ART is beginning now! The development of an active
multi-disciplinary network of scientists required to tackle the
questions highlighted in the ART Science Plan will be achieved through
dedicated science symposia, and sessions at international meetings. The
first dedicated symposium entitled “Arctic sea-ice transitions in space
and time and the impacts on marine ecosystems” will be held at the
Institute of Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences (IOPAN) in Sopot,
Poland in autumn 2012. A central theme of this symposium will be the
synthesis and modelling of marine ecosystem processes in relation to
changing ice conditions across the Arctic Ocean.

The success of ART requires the involvement of marine scientists from
all sectors and disciplines. To learn more about ART and to get
involved, you are welcome to join the ART Information Meeting at the
ASSW 2011!

For further information about the ART, please go to

Or contact:
Carolyn Wegner
Email: [hidden email]

Dr. Carolyn Wegner
Leibniz-Institut für Meereswissenschaften
Dienstgebäude Ostufer
Wischhofstr. 1-3
D-24148 Kiel
Tel: 0431/6002858
Fax: 0431/6002961
email: [hidden email]
ART web page:
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