Arctic paleoclimate session at Fall AGU

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Arctic paleoclimate session at Fall AGU

Yarrow Axford

Dear colleagues,


We cordially invite researchers who are reconstructing or modeling past climate in the Arctic (whether by land or sea) to consider submitting abstracts to a special session at the Fall AGU Meeting:


Past Climate Change in the Arctic and Subarctic: Lessons for the Future (PP034).


Session description:  The Arctic’s climate, cryosphere and oceans are changing rapidly and influencing global climate systems. Understanding past warm conditions and past periods of climate change in the Arctic and subarctic will aid in forecasting future high-latitude changes and associated global impacts. We invite submissions of proxy and modeling studies that assess the magnitude, rates, causes and impacts of past climate changes in the Arctic and subarctic. Studies may address timescales from decades to millions of years.  We also welcome submissions that compare recent observations with paleoclimate records or that link past Arctic climate events to global changes.


Abstract submission is open until Aug 2.  Hope to see you in New Orleans!


Yarrow Axford, Northwestern University

Meredith Kelly, Dartmouth College

Erich Osterberg, Dartmouth College


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