Atmosphere and Cryosphere Coupling in the Arctic, AGU Session

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Atmosphere and Cryosphere Coupling in the Arctic, AGU Session

Schlegel, Nicole-Jeanne (329C)
Dear colleagues,

We would like to bring to your attention and invite your submission to Session A11 at the upcoming Fall AGU meeting, “A011 - Atmosphere and Cryosphere Coupling in the Arctic: Observations, Modeling, and Implication for Future Arctic Changes”, convened byXianglei Huang (U Michigan), Tristan L’Ecuyer (U Wisconsin), Jennifer Kay (CU Boulder), and Nicole-Jeanne Schlegel (JPL/Caltech). 

We hope this session can bring together observational and modeling studies of the Arctic energy cycle, its relation with clouds, water vapor, cryosphere processes, as well as heat transport by circulations. We hope this session will give the community a timely opportunity to review the current understandings and challenges ahead for advancing our knowledge about the Arctic energy cycle and climate change. The full session info can be

Xianglei, Tristan, Jen, and Nicole

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