Awards by the International Glaciological Society

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Awards by the International Glaciological Society

Ian Allison

The International Glaciological Society is currently seeking nominations for its three Honorary Awards:

  • The Seligman Crystal (to an individual who has made an outstanding scientific contribution to the study of snow and ice)
  • The Richardson Medal (awarded to an individual or team in recognition of outstanding service contributions to the International Glaciological Society and to glaciology), and
  • Honorary Membership (in recognition of eminent contributions to the objects of the Society).

Details of these awards, their eligibility and the requirements of the nomination packages are available at  Members of the Awards Committee are listed at

Nominations can be made at any time, but the close off date for the 2019 awards is Friday 7 June 2019. (Nominations received after that date will be considered for 2020).  Nomination packages should be sent by email to the Chair of the Awards Committee:

Dr Ian Allison, [hidden email]

All nominations will be acknowledged, and the result of any successful 2019 awards will be announced in July/August.


We look forward to receiving nominations of your peers from the community


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