CICE Consortium releases Icepack v1.0

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CICE Consortium releases Icepack v1.0

David Bailey
Dear CICE Community Members,

I’m thrilled to announce the public release of Icepack v1.0, the CICE Consortium’s new sea ice column physics code.  It includes all physical parameterizations from the CICE sea ice model that are limited to single grid-cell columns or Lagrangian elements, independent of the grid and other sea ice model infrastructure.  Many aspects of the physics and biogeochemistry that were previously embedded in CICE version 5 now reside within Icepack, and new features have also been added.  In addition to the column physics modules from CICE, this software package includes a stand-alone driver and automated testing using a comprehensive test suite.  

Please visit our open development repository at to access Icepack.

To accompany this release, we will soon release the accompanying dynamical core of the CICE Consortium sea ice modeling suite as part of CICEv6.  Further information about the CICE Consortium can be found at

If you were a CICE user but someone else has taken over for you, please forward this message to the appropriate person.  Thank you!

Sincere thanks go to the agencies and institutions supporting this effort:

Department of Energy
Los Alamos National Laboratory

National Science Foundation
National Center for Atmospheric Research

Department of Defense
Naval Research Laboratory Stennis Space Center 
Navy Postgraduate School

Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Weather Service 
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Environment and Climate Change Canada

Best wishes,

Elizabeth Hunke
CICE Consortium Lead Coordinator
DOE Earth System Modeling Program, Los Alamos National Laboratory

David A Bailey                                                        email:
National Center for Atmospheric Research   phone: 303-497-1737
PO Box 3000                                                             fax  : 303-497-1700
Boulder, CO 80307-3000

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