CORRECTION: Upcoming ACCAP Webinars (September 12, 20, 22)

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CORRECTION: Upcoming ACCAP Webinars (September 12, 20, 22)

Tina Buxbaum
Hello All,

My brain is in two placed today.  Here is the announcement again with the correct affiliation for Cheryl Rosa - Deputy Director of the US Arctic Research Commission.  My Apologies.

Below is info about the upcoming webinars.  Please distribute as you see fit.



ACCAP Alaska Climate Webinar
The US Arctic Research Commission’s Working Groups
Dr. Cheryl Rosa, Deputy Director, US Arctic Research Commission
Tuesday, 12 September 2017 
10:00-11:00am AKDT

To register for the webinar, please fill out the form available at:

A primary duty of the US Arctic Research Commission (USARC) is to interact with Arctic residents, international Arctic research programs and organizations, and local institutions including regional governments, in order to obtain the broadest possible view of Arctic research needs. To facilitate this, the USARC coordinates working groups to examine and develop research needs for specific topics—generally based on feedback from stakeholders. USARC’s Anchorage-based office currently coordinates three working groups: the Alaska Rural Water and Sanitation Working Group (ARWSWG), the Arctic Renewable Energy Working Group (AREWG) and the Arctic Mental Health Working Group (AMMHWG).

This webinar will present an overview of the mission and objectives of the three US Arctic Research Commission working groups, as well as ways to connect with their activities.

Available in-person in IARC/Akasofu 407 on the UAF Campus or online 

Registration and more information available at:

Virtual Alaska Weather Symposium Webinar
Diagnosis and Validation of Surface Precipitation Type
Heather Reeves, Research Associate (CIMMS/NSSL)
Wednesday, 20 September 2017 
11:00am-12:00pm AKDT

To register for the webinar, please fill out the form available at:

In this talk, several issues related to surface hydrometeor classification are discussed. These include uncertainty in the observations, algorithms used to deduce the precipitation type from numerical weather prediction models, and the uncertainty in the models themselves. One of these issues, the uncertainty in the algorithms is addressed by reinventing the way hydrometeor classification is performed in NWP models. This new classifier is referred to as the Spectral Bin Classifier (SBC). Its design and performance metrics will be presented.

Available in-person in IARC/Akasofu 407 on the UAF Campus or online 

Registration and more information available at:

September 2017 National Weather Service Alaska Climate Outlook Briefing
Rick Thoman, Climate Science and Services Manager, National Weather Service
Friday, 22 September 2017 
12-1:00pm  AKDT

For more information, please go to:

Do you lie awake at nights wondering what the upcoming season will be like? Want to place bets with friends and family on next month's weather? If so, good news:

The tools and techniques for making monthly and season scale climate forecasts are rapidly changing, with the potential to provide useful forecasts at the month and longer range. Rick Thoman (Climate Science and Services Manager, Environmental and Scientific Services Division, National Weather Service Alaska Region) will review recent climate conditions around Alaska, review forecast tools and finish up with the Climate Prediction Center's forecast for the upcoming season. 

Rick will also present a "Feature-of-the-Month" special addition in which each month he will highlight a topic relevant to the particular month.  

Available in-person in IARC/Akasofu 407 on the UAF Campus or online (

Feel free to bring your lunch and join the gathering in-person or join online to learn more about Alaska climate and weather.

This will be a monthly series generally taking place the third Friday of each month. 

Tina Buxbaum
Program Manager
Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy (ACCAP)
University of Alaska Fairbanks
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