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CRYOLIST is an email distribution list and online discussion forum for all of those studying or with interests in snow, ice, permafrost, polar regions, mountain glaciers, and all things frozen.
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4th International Workshop on Ice Caves (IWIC-IV) - deadline soon!!! by valter.maggi@unimib....
by valter.maggi@unimib....
International Polar Year - Oslo Science Conference by Miriam Jackson
by Miriam Jackson
Request to post the following opportunity on your list serve by Anupma Prakash
by Anupma Prakash
Proposed usage guidelines for CRYOLIST by Todd Albert
by Bill Locke
Call for abstracts ­ XXXI SCAR Session ³Antarctic Climate and South America: linking the past and present record² by Jefferson Simoes
by Jefferson Simoes
New data set available - National Snow and Ice Data Center by Lisa Booker
by Lisa Booker
Microbial Ecology of Cold Habitats by jill mikucki
by jill mikucki
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