Call for 2012 Nye Lecture and Young Investigator Nominations

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Call for 2012 Nye Lecture and Young Investigator Nominations

Shad O'Neel

2012 American Geophysical Union, Nye Lecture & Young Investigator Awards Call for Nominations


Since the formation of AGU's Cryosphere Focus Group in 2002, Cryosphere has had an increasing presence at the Fall AGU meeting in San Francisco.  One of the highlights of the Cryosphere Focus Group's program has been the Nye Lecture, traditionally held as close as possible to the Cryosphere Reception. These lectures have featured a variety of prestigious researchers as noted below:

2002 Bob Bindschadler: Consider An Ice Stream

2003 Kurt Cuffey: Stable Isotopes In Ice: Tracers Of The Global Environment

2004 Richard Alley: We Are All Glaciologists Now: Ice In The Climate System

2005 Matthew Sturm: Snow Crystals, Shrubs, and the Changing Climate of the Arctic

2006 Garry Clarke: Water Under Ice: Curiosities, Complexities, and Catastrophes

2007 Mark Serreze: Arctic Climate Change:  Where Reality Exceeds Expectations

2008 Mary Albert: Polar Science in a Time of Rapid Climate Change

2009 Larry Hinzman: Arctic Hydrology and the Role of Feedbacks in the Climate System

2010 Jeff Dozier: Mountain HydrologyThe Fourth Paradigm, and the Color of Snow

2011 Tad Pfeffer: We Are All Engineers Now: Delivering Useful Projections of Sea Level Rise.


We are asking the cryospheric community to nominate a speaker for the Nye Lecture.  Please send their name, email address and a short paragraph on why you think they should be selected.  The only requirement is that the speaker must be an AGU member.



Additionally, we seek nominations for the 2012 Cryosphere Young Investigator Award, given each year to a young scientist for significant contributions to cryospheric science and technology. The award will consist of a $700 stipend to support travel of the awardee to the 2012 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, where they will be formally presented with a certificate. The National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado-Boulder generously sponsor the travel stipend.

Nominee should be within five years of receiving their PhD (as of December 2007). The nomination package for the 2012 AGU Cryosphere Young Investigator Award should include the following:

1. Letter of nomination from the primary nominator

2. The nominee's curriculum vitae

3. Two additional supporting letters

The nominating and supporting letters should clearly describe the contributions of the nominee and state the significance of those contributions to cryospheric science.


Please submit your nominations to Shad O’Neel ([hidden email]) by

Monday, 2 July 2012. Further details are available on the Cryosphere Focus Group website at:<>.


Thank you and best regards,

Shad O’Neel, and the AGU Cryosphere Focus Group Executive Committee

Shad O'Neel
USGS Glaciologist
Alaska Science Center
4210 University Dr.
Anchorage AK 99508

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