Call for AGU Fall Meeting abstracts: Dust and the Climate System (GC025)

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Call for AGU Fall Meeting abstracts: Dust and the Climate System (GC025)

Jonathan Lauderdale
Dear Colleagues,

Please consider submitting an AGU Fall Meeting abstract to the interdisciplinary session GC025 "Dust and the climate system: investigating interactions over multiple timescales”. See the description below for more details of this exciting and wide-ranging topic, and please pass the message on to others in your lab, group, or department who may be interested. Abstracts are due on the 31st July and we look forward to seeing you in San Francisco!

Session Description:
Aeolian dust from terrestrial sources plays an important, and wide ranging role in the climate system, from fertilizing the ocean with critical nutrients, affecting ecology and biogeochemical cycles, to influencing the state of the atmosphere, through interactions with solar radiation and cloud formation. The effects of dust may be implicated in many of the landmark climate shifts of the past, such as during the glacial-interglacial cycles, in the late Pliocene inception of Northern Hemisphere glaciation, and in Miocene cooling, and likely plays a key role in contemporary climate changes. 

We invite theoretical, observational and modeling studies of dust-climate interactions involving the atmosphere, ocean, land, and/or cryosphere to gain a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of dust-climate connections over multiple timescales. Research involving dust emissions, transport, deposition, and climate impacts are encouraged.

Many thanks from your conveners, 

Jonathan Lauderdale, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
Geeta Persad, Carnegie Institution for Science
Huayu Lu, Nanjing University 
Timothy Herbert, Brown University

Dr. Jonathan M. Lauderdale
Research Scientist
Department of Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Sciences 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
77 Massachusetts Avenue 
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 
Office: +1 617 324 3401 
Cell   : +1 617 304 5661

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