Call for Abstracts: AGU Session 25995 - Arctic Science: Beyond Siloes to Synthesis and Systems

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Call for Abstracts: AGU Session 25995 - Arctic Science: Beyond Siloes to Synthesis and Systems

Jacqueline Richter-Menge

Please consider submitting an abstract to AGU Session 25995 – “Arctic Science: Beyond Siloes to Synthesis and Systems”. Abstracts can be submitted online at  Abstracts are due by 2 August, 2017.


Session Description: The changing Arctic is a new environment of opportunities and challenges. It is attracting increasing interest from the maritime transportation, natural resources, and tourism industries, with implications for cultural transitions, infrastructure, and national security. Arctic research is often siloed along disciplinary lines, reflecting traditional science education and research practice. There is a need for a multi-knowledge and interdisciplinary approaches that focus on synthesis and the inter-linking of systems to enhance our understanding and to predict changes; for generating value-added products and services for Arctic residents and operators; and to inform decision- and policy-making. This session, organized by members of IARPC Collaborations ( of the U.S. Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee, offers an opportunity to discuss topics such as current Arctic synthesis, system science and Indigenous Knowledge thinking and practice; the co-production of knowledge; socio-ecological systems and resilience; Arctic region system modeling; and Arctic-global system linkages.


The session convenors are:


Carolina Behe, Inuit Circumpolar Council, Alaska

Steve Grey, USGS Alaska Climate Science Center

Martin Jeffries, Office of Science and Technology Policy and IARPC

Jackie Richter-Menge, University of Alaska Fairbanks


For more information, contact Martin Jeffries at [hidden email]

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