Call for Abstracts, Polar Microbes Symposium May 14-17 2018, Finland

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Call for Abstracts, Polar Microbes Symposium May 14-17 2018, Finland

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Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the first Polar Microbes Symposium from 14-17 May 2018 at Tvärminne Zoological Station, Finland. See further details below.

Kind regards,
Dr. Eeva Eronen-Rasimus
Finnish Environment Institute
[hidden email]


Dr. Eric Collins
University of Alaska Fairbanks
[hidden email]
Tvärminne Polar Microbes Symposium 2018
This small symposium (40 participants) is intended to provide a unique opportunity to bring together molecular microbial ecologists specialized in different organism groups, share our latest results, and discuss methodological problems as well as the future prospects in the field, including practical international collaboration. The environmental focus will be on sea ice environments, but excellent research in other cryospheric environments is also invited. The methods to be discussed will focus on 'omics' techniques, ranging from single cells to metagenomes, but exciting research using additional methods will be considered as well.

Organizers: Dr. Eeva Eronen-Rasimus (Finnish Environment Institute) and Dr. Eric Collins (University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Location: Tvärminne Zoological Station, 120km southwest of Helsinki, Finland

Sun May 13 -- arrive in Helsinki
Mon May 14 -- morning: charter bus travel to Tvärminne; afternoon: sessions
Tue May 15 -- sessions
Wed May 16 -- sessions
Thu May 17 -- sessions; afternoon: charter bus return to Helsinki

Confirmed Plenary Speakers:
Assoc. Prof. John Bowman, University of Tasmania, Australia
Academy Research Fellow Jenni Hultman, University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Thomas Mock, School of Environmental Sciences, UK
Prof. David Thomas, Bangor University, UK
Senior researcher Letizia Tedesco, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland
Senior researcher Hermanni Kaartokallio, Finnish Environment Institute, Finland

Registration fee: 150€
Transportation from Helsinki to Tvärminne, Shared Lodging at Tvärminne Zoological station (few single rooms available), Meals, and Sauna are included (Monday -- Thursday) in the registration fee

Apply By: Wednesday, February 28
Decisions By: Wednesday, March 7
Registration Deadline: Friday, March 30

Links to travel funding opportunities:
Microbiology Society:
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