Call for Abstracts: Polar Prediction Workshop 2018

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Call for Abstracts: Polar Prediction Workshop 2018

Amélie Bouchat

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to the 5th Polar Prediction Workshop that will be held in Montreal, Canada, on 7-8-9 May 2018. The workshop will take place at the Agora Hydro-Quebec.

The workshop will focus on :

- polar predictability from subseasonnal to interannual timescales

- sea ice prediction

- operational and research efforts

- end user needs and the capacity of the scientific community to address them

In addition, reviews for the Sea Ice Outlook project and other initiatives related to polar predictions will be discussed.

We also propose a new activity for 2018:  An important outcome of the Workshop will be a consensus forecast statement synthesizing predictions of (i) September mean Arctic sea ice extent, and (ii) sea ice conditions during the Arctic shipping season for key regions plus the Northwest Passage and Northern Sea Route shipping corridors. Participants are invited to contribute to any or all of these forecasts using a form that will be circulated to registrants and posted online, and are encouraged to highlight these predictions in their presentations.

Operational forecasters and forecast users are warmly invited to participate.

To register and/or submit an abstract, please use this form.

Deadline for abstract submission: March 31, 2018.

More information on the logistics of the event can be found here.

For questions: [hidden email]

Looking forward to seeing you in Montreal!

The organizing committee

Bruno Tremblay (McGill U.)

Amélie Bouchat (McGill U.)

Charles Brunette (McGill U.)

Julianne Yip (McGill U.)

Sea Ice Prediction Network 2 (SIPN2)

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