Call for Community Comment: DRAFT 2015 Sea Ice Outlook - Post Season Report

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Call for Community Comment: DRAFT 2015 Sea Ice Outlook - Post Season Report

Betsy Turner-Bogren
The 2015 Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) Action Team invites community comment on
its draft post-season report. This draft includes the main post-season
analysis and discussion points, although some parts are still under
development and editing. The SIO Action Team aims to have a final draft
ready to share with the larger community during the 2015 American
Geophysical Union Fall Meetings in San Francisco 14-19 December. Your
comments on the analysis and discussion sections, as well as suggestions
on how to help improve sea-ice forecasts, are welcome.

To view the draft SIO post-season report, please go to:

The draft is also available for download as a PDF or as a Microsoft
Word document. Comments may be sent as text via email or by using the
"Track Changes" tool in Microsoft Word.

Please send your comments via email to Betsy Turner-Bogren
([hidden email]) no later than Friday, 11 December 2015.

On behalf of the 2015 SIO Action Team, thank you for your input.

Warm regards,
Betsy Turner-Bogren

Betsy Turner-Bogren
Project Manager
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. (ARCUS)
3535 College Road Suite 101
Fairbanks, AK 99709-3710
Phone: 907/474-1600
[hidden email]

Follow ARCUS on twitter: @ArcticResearch

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