Call for Nominations - Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Scientific Steering Committee

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Call for Nominations - Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) Scientific Steering Committee

Louise Newman
Dear all,

Nominations are now invited for membership of the inaugural Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) of the Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS).

The mission of the SOOS is to establish a multidisciplinary observing system to deliver the sustained observations of the Southern Ocean that are needed to address key challenges of scientific and societal relevance, including climate change, sea-level rise and the impacts of global change on marine ecosystems. SOOS was developed by representatives of SCAR, SCOR, WCRP-CLIVAR and WCRP-CliC, with additional sponsorship and/or endorsement by POGO, CAML and GOOS. 

The SSC will be chaired by Dr. Michael Meredith (British Antarctic Survey; [hidden email]) and Dr. John Gunn (Australian Antarctic Division; [hidden email]). A SOOS International Project Office has been established at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, led by Dr. Louise Newman (Executive Officer; [hidden email]). Formal or informal enquiries about SOOS and its SSC can be directed to Mike, John or Louise. 

Please send nominations (including self-nominations) to Louise Newman by 30 September 2011. Details of relevant expertise and motivation would assist the appointment process (see below).


Scientific Steering Committee Structure and Role

The SSC will be responsible for guiding and advocating for the implementation of the SOOS, as defined in the recently developed Southern Ocean Observing System: Initial Science and Implementation Strategy (contact Louise Newman for a copy of this document, see also the attached white paper). 

The work of the committee will include:
  • Development of optimal sampling plans for essential Southern Ocean variables
  • Advocating and guiding the development of new observation technologies
  • Streamlining of current efforts and leveraging of resources
  • Effective integration and coordination of national and international projects and programs, across traditional disciplinary boundaries and between nations 
  • Facilitation and development of a data system that provides seamless access to a wide range of data products for the Southern Ocean 

The SOOS will address six scientific Themes, and SSC members will be selected to ensure that each of the Themes is comprehensively covered by member expertise. These Themes are:
  • The role of the Southern Ocean in the planet’s heat and freshwater balance
  • The stability of the Southern Ocean overturning circulation
  • The role of the Southern Ocean in the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet and its contribution to sea-level rise
  • The future and consequences of Southern Ocean carbon uptake
  • The future of Antarctic sea ice
  • The impacts of global change on Southern Ocean ecosystems

Data management is also an integral component of the SOOS objectives and expertise covering this aspect will also be sought for the SSC. 

Nominees should be highly regarded for their scientific excellence, have close connections to the community that they represent, and should be willing to actively participate in the implementation of the SOOS. 

Ex-officio representatives of relevant programmes (e.g., SCAR, SCOR, WCRP, POGO, IOC/GOOS, CAML) will also be invited to attend the SSC meetings.

The committee will be selected by the SOOS Co-Chairs, in conjunction with representatives from the SCAR and SCOR. 

CAML – Census of Antarctic Marine Life
CliC – Climate and the Cryosphere
CLIVAR – Climate Variability and Predictability
GOOS – Global Ocean Observing System
POGO – Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean
SCAR – Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
SCOR – Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research
WCRP – World Climate Research Programme

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