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Call for Pop Up Session Proposals

Harsh Beria

Hi everyone,


On behalf of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S), I am emailing to encourage you to submit a pop-up session proposal for the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting. Pop-up sessions are meant to cover a wide range of topics and provide AGU members with an opportunity to present their ideas at the Fall Meeting in a short, 5 minute TED-like talk style. Potential session conveners are encouraged to develop session themes that strive to fuel discussions outside of the current AGU research realm.


For example, last year’s Social Dimensions Pop-Up session, which was open to all AGU members, encouraged presenters to discuss topics such as interdisciplinary research, diversity and equality in the geosciences, and mentoring. To read more about the pop-up sessions that were held last year and see example session descriptions, please visit:


The AGU session proposal deadline is April 19. To submit a proposal please email your pop-up session title, convener(s) contact information, and session description (max 200 words) to Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi ([hidden email]) with “Pop-Up Session Proposal Submission” in the email subject line (preferably) by April 1. If you are interested in helping convene a Pop-Up session but have questions or concerns about implementing pop-up sessions, please email Cynthia as well. We would love to hear from you!


Please pass this along to others who may be interested in convening a pop-up session.


All the best,


Harsh Beria

Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi

Danya AbdelHameid

Kaylyn Gootman

Megan Brown

Natasha Krell

Niels Claes

Sheila Saia


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