Call for abstract for Session OS-2 on sea-ice biogeochemistry at POLAR 2018

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Call for abstract for Session OS-2 on sea-ice biogeochemistry at POLAR 2018

Tedesco Letizia
Dear collegues,

the Call for abstacts for POLAR2018 is now open until the 1st of November

We are looking forward to receiving your abstract to be considered for oral/poster presentation within session Ocean Science #2 (OS-2) :
"Interdisciplinary research on sea-ice biogeochemistry and associated ecosystems"

The rapid change of sea-ice habitats in both Polar Oceans will significantly impact the ecosystems and biogeochemical processes within sea ice and at its interfaces. The Arctic is transforming rapidly from thick multi-year ice to first-year ice, becoming more similar to the Antarctic icescape. The strategies evolved by the Antarctic organisms to cope with the annual wax and wane of sea ice might thus provide inference for the Arctic case. We aim to bring together researchers working in both Polar Regions to stimulate knowledge exchange and work towards comparison of changing dynamics and impacts on ecosystem functions and services in both Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice ecosystems, joining interdisciplinary sea-ice research from three different angles:
1) New approaches to investigate the multi-scale variability of sea-ice habitats using samplingplatforms, such as ROVs, AUVs, aircraft, and ice-moored observatories;
2) Biodiversity and biogeochemistry of sea-ice habitats, their relationships with environmental variability and ecosystem functions; and
3) Numerical models as tools to understand past and present dynamics, and predicting future changes in ice-associated ecosystems.
This session calls for contributions on experimental, observational, and modeling studies focused on sea-ice biogeochemical atmosphere-sea ice-ocean interactions, biota and processes, also as part of the BEPSII (Biogeochemical Exchange Processes at Sea-Ice Interfaces) Clic/IASC/SCAR/SOLAS WG.

Please, feel free to distribute this among your collegues that could be interested to join us.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Davos in June 2018!

Letizia Tedesco (Finnish Environment Institute),
Hauke Flores (Alfred Wegener Institute),
Mar Fernández-Méndez and Philipp Assmy (Norwegian Polar Institute)

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