Call for abstracts (EGU): Studying the climate of the last two millennia

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Call for abstracts (EGU): Studying the climate of the last two millennia

Thomas, Liz
Dear Colleagues,

We are inviting abstract submissions for a session dealing with aspects of the climate and climate change over the last two millennia at the EGU General Assembly 8-13 April 2018 in Vienna, Austria (

CL1.02: Studying the climate of the last two millennia
Conveners: Lucien von Gunten, Helen McGregor, Anne Hormes, Juan José Gómez-Navarro, Elizabeth Thomas, Hugo Beltrami.

Deadline for abstract submission: 10 January 2018
Deadline for support applications: 1 December 2017

This session highlights integrative paleoclimate research on the climate of the past 2000 years. We invite presentations that provide insights into data syntheses, quantitative temperature and hydroclimate reconstructions from local to global scales, novel approaches to producing multi-proxy climate field reconstructions, and contributions critically addressing non-climatic influences on proxies used in climate reconstructions, or integration of information from proxies with different time resolutions.

This session also encourages presentations of new external forcing reconstructions or assessment, analysis of transient climate simulations, new approaches that provide further insight from model-data comparison exercises, proxy system modeling, proxy-data assimilation, as well as the attribution of past climate variability to external drivers or internal climate processes.

The session is co-sponsored by the PAGES 2k project (

Best wishes
Lucien, Helen, Anne, Juan José, Elizabeth, Hugo

Dr Liz Thomas
Group Head - Ice Cores
British Antarctic Survey
Cambridge, CB3 0ET, UK

+44 1223 221658
[hidden email]

CLIVASH2K project lead

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