Call for assistance to IPCC Chapter 4 Lead Authors

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Call for assistance to IPCC Chapter 4 Lead Authors

Vaughan, David G
Dear Cryolist colleagues - a group of cryospheric scientists are currently preparing the Second Order Draft of Chapter 4 (Observations of the Cryosphere) of the IPCC Working Group I Fifth Assessment Review.   This draft will have to be completed by the 10th August, 2012 and will be reviewed in the autumn.  To be eligible for citation in this draft papers must be submitted to peer-reviewed journals by 31st July, 2012.  This date is fixed by the IPCC and the governments that commission the report.  

It is concern to us is that without community cooperation, Ch4 IPCC authors will potentially be unaware of important cryospheric papers that will be submitted to journals in time to meet the deadline but which are not publicly available prior to submission of the Second Order Draft.

To ensure the coverage of the most up-to-date cryospheric literature, the IPCC Lead Authors would benefit greatly from access of all significant and potentially citable papers at the earliest opportunity and prior to their acceptance by the journals.  This can only be achieved in an informal manner.

For these reasons, we would be greatly assisted if any researchers who believe that the papers they submit to journals before 31st July will be of significance to Chapter 4, send pdf copies of their submitted manuscripts to the IPCC Technical Support Unit ([hidden email]) who will make these available to the chapter authors.  We undertake not to use manuscripts sent to us in this way, outside the IPCC process.  But, if "submitted" papers are cited in the Second Order Draft, a pdf version will be held by the IPCC TSU, and will be made available to reviewers of the Second Order Draft.  Citation in the final assessment report will, or course, require that the manuscripts pass the peer-review process and are accepted for publication by 15th March, 2013.

Best regards, on behalf of the authors of the Chapter 4 (IPCC WGI)

Joey Comiso, David Vaughan, Ian Allison, Jorge Carrasco, Georg Kaser, Ronald Kwok, Philip Mote, Tavi Murray, Frank Paul, Jiawen Ren, Eric Rignot, Olga Solomina, Koni Steffen, Tingjun Zhang.

Please note; several others WGI chapters will also contain material on cryospheric topics and may benefit in a similar way.  Full lists of WGI chapters and their authors are available at...


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