Call for essays on science advocacy

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Call for essays on science advocacy

Jenna Jablonski
Hi Cryolist members,

I'm the founder of Sister (@sisterSTEM on Twitter) and we're seeking brief essay/op-ed contributions from women and non-binary individuals on the following topic:

How does your STEM identity connect with your political identity?

For National Voter Registration Day in September, Sister is partnering with Science Rising to publish a series of articles showing how individuals in STEM can be political — and that our STEM work can even shape our advocacy work.

We want to share your perspective. How does your STEM identity connect with your political identity (your advocacy work, issues you care about, etc.)? How does this tie in with your personal identity and/or journey in STEM?

If you’re interested in writing, send a pitch by this Friday (8/16) to [hidden email]. (Pitches can be short descriptions of what you plan to write about.) 

Full articles (about 700-1,000 words) will be due at the end of August. Sister happily provides editorial support along the way. You can find more information about writing for us here.

Thanks for your consideration!

Jenna Jablonski

Founder of Sister

pronouns: she // her // hers // @sisterstem

cell: 716-338-2464

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