Call for papers: Atmospheric-cryospheric chemistry and ice cores, DACA-13, Davos, 8-12 July 2013

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Call for papers: Atmospheric-cryospheric chemistry and ice cores, DACA-13, Davos, 8-12 July 2013

Margit Schwikowski

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Deadline for Abstract Submission with travel grant application: 14 December 2012

Deadline for Abstract Submission: 31 January 2013

DACA-13: Davos Atmosphere and Cryosphere Assembly 2013, Switzerland

8-12 July 2013

Symposium C3 Atmospheric-cryospheric chemistry and ice cores

Numerous examples of active chemical and biological processes in snow and ice have been identified in the last decades demonstrating that ice sheets and snow covers are more than a passive blanket covering vast areas of the Earth either in winter or year-round. This mini-symposium deals with such processes from two perspectives. First, traditional and new proxies in ice cores or firn will be discussed to improve the reconstruction of environmental and climate conditions. Secondly, mechanisms and products impacting the impurity concentrations in snow and ice and the composition of the overlying atmosphere will be considered.

Symposium lead convener

Margit Schwikowski ([hidden email])

Sponsors: IACS, IAMAS

Session C3.1: Ice cores and climate

Lead convener: Margit Schwikowski ([hidden email])
Co-convener: Carlo Barbante

Ice cores from mountain glaciers and polar ice sheets have provided information about past climate and environmental conditions on time scales from decades to hundreds of millennia. They contain a variety of climate proxy indicators which are used to estimate climate variability and climate processes prior to the modern period with great accuracy and good coverage of instrumental meteorological data. Proxies must be calibrated against modern instrumental information to yield a quantitative reconstruction of past climate. Contributions to this session are invited on quantitative reconstructions of past climate from all regions of Earth and at all time scales. Presentations about new ice core proxies, proxy calibration, multi-proxy use or proxy forward modelling approaches are especially welcome.

Session C3.2: Air-ice chemical interaction

Lead convener: Hans-Werner Jacobi ([hidden email])
Co-convener: Thorsten Bartels-Rausch

The cryosphere plays an active role in Earth’s biogeochemical cycles. Physical, chemical, and biological processes in alpine and polar snow and ice have been shown to cause vivid fluxes between atmosphere, cryosphere, soil, and ocean. These fluxes can contribute to the accumulation, production, or modification of certain globally transported contaminants and greenhouse gases. This session focuses on the chemical and biological activity in ice and snow. We invite presentations about field, laboratory, and modelling studies identifying important processes and deepening our understanding of the impact of the multi-phase matrix of ice and snow on chemical and biological processes. Contributions regarding recent advances in the parameterization of such processes in models and the evaluation of the impact on atmospheric composition, climate are especially encouraged.

Dr. Margit Schwikowski
Paul Scherrer Institut
Labor für Radio- und Umweltchemie
CH-5232 Villigen PSI
Phone: +41 56 310 4110
Fax:   +41 56 310 4435
E-mail: [hidden email]

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