Call for submissions to 'Sub-Antarctic Islands – sentinels of change' at SouthCOP 2019

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Call for submissions to 'Sub-Antarctic Islands – sentinels of change' at SouthCOP 2019

Christel Hansen
Good day to you all!

Apologies for cross posting.

Please consider submitting your abstracts to the session 'Sub-Antarctic Islands – sentinels of change' for the upcoming first SouthCOP, to be held 4-14 December in Queenstown, New Zealand. Information on the conference is available at and a list of sessions and link to submission of abstracts is available at The session description appears below. Abstract submission closes 7 April.  

Sub-Antarctic Islands – Sentinels of Change
Straddling the Antarctic Convergence Zone, sub-Antarctic islands are geographically unique and exhibit both periglacial and glacial conditions. Permafrost is largely sporadic in this region but is useful as a proxy for investigating change. Environmental thresholds in the sub-Antarctic are narrow; contemporary climate changes, characterised by warming temperatures, fluctuations in moisture, and a higher frequency of extreme events, has the potential to narrow (or even surpass) these thresholds. As such, these islands are regarded as sentinels of change and serve as global early warning systems. Furthermore, these islands host unique vegetation, numerous threatened species, and are important breeding sites. Changes observed in the glacial and periglacial environment will impact these existing ecosystems as well. This session aims to showcase sub-Antarctic research and the role of the region as a sentinel of change.  


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