Canadian Rockies Snow Hydrology Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

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Canadian Rockies Snow Hydrology Postgraduate and Postdoctoral Research Opportunities

Pomeroy, John

The University of Saskatchewan Centre for Hydrology with funding from the Global Institute for Water Security and NSERC has appointments open for

I) PhD – Ecohydrology of Canadian Rockies treelines (Pomeroy).  This studentship will examine the interaction of snow redistribution and melt, water supply and tree growth to determine the hydrological role of mountain treelines and the stability of treelines under a warming climate.

2) PhD - Snow-Atmosphere Interactions in Complex Terrain (Helgason). This studentship will examine the spatial variability of convective energy fluxes to/from snow surfaces within headwater basins of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The student will examine the nature of the turbulent exchange at the snow air interface and develop a refined understanding of the driving processes in these complex environments.

3) PhD – Meltwater Flow through Mountain Snow (Pomeroy & Marsh).  This studentship will examine meltwater storage and flow through deep snowpacks on slopes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  The student will examine coupled energy and mass transport in snow and the development of preferential flowpaths and the effect on routing meltwater runoff using field studies in high mountain environments and physically based modelling..

4) PDF – Spatially distributed modelling of the dynamics of mountain snow hydrology (Pomeroy).  The fellowship will focus on using experimental mountain basin data to develop and drive sophsticated, fully distributed  snow hydrology models to better understand headwaters basin response to changing climate and land use.


The University of Saskatchewan maintains the Coldwater Centre offices and laboratories in the Kananaskis Valley of the Canadian Rockies on the Univ of Calgary Biogeoscience Institute - Barrier Lake campus and has instrumented basins at Marmot Creek, and Peyto Glacier, Alberta along with a suite of hydrological models and a wide range of collaborations with Canadian, US, European and Asian research groups.  The Centre for Hydrology facilities on the University of Saskatchewan main campus include a cluster of 15 offices and laboratories in Kirk Hall, additional facilities are associated with the new Global Institute for Water Security at the National Hydrology Research Centre.  The University is a dynamic research oriented institution ranked amongst the top 10 in Canada and located in the City of Saskatoon which is one of the fasted growing cities in North America .


Full details can be found at


Professor John Pomeroy

Canada Research Chair in Water Resources and Climate Change

Director, Centre for Hydrology

University of Saskatchewan

117 Science Place

Saskatoon, Sask.

S7N 5C8  Canada



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