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Career Development Interest Survey

APECS Director
Dear Colleagues,

One of the aims of APECS (the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) is to provide young researchers with opportunities for career guidance and mentoring. In an effort to continue to bring useful resources and information to you, APECS is designing an online career development webinar series geared toward polar research scheduled to begin in October/November.

In order to design seminars that are accessible and of interest to early career researchers, please take 5 minutes to respond to this short survey-- it will really help us to create a great resource for all of you!

We also welcome comments from mid- and senior researchers and professionals who have suggestions, helpful tips, or would like to volunteer to help give a lecture :)

This project is a joint effort between APECS and the US National Science Foundation Arctic System Science Thermokarst Research Project (

Thanks for your time!
Kimberely Anne Maher and Jenny Baeseman

"Shaping the Future of Polar Research"
- - -

On behalf of the 
International APECS Directorate Office
Dr. Jenny Baeseman, Director
University of Tromsø
Central Administration B357
NO- 9037 Tromsø, Norway
Office: +47 776 46990
Mobile: +47 4821 8095
Calling from the US, use 1-715-203-0072 (just like a regular long distance call within the States)

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