Changing of the Guard – Todd passing the baton to Chris

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Changing of the Guard – Todd passing the baton to Chris

Todd Albert

After over 20 years of serving as the “owner” of CRYOLIST, I am stepping down and passing the proverbial baton to Chris Marsh, who has served as Moderator and Co-Owner for the past several years. I’ll continue to help him as a moderator and list member for the foreseeable future.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve taken a step back from academia and become an entrepreneur and leader in the tech startup community in South Florida. I am now launching my own Coding School (Boca Code – although I can’t legally call it a school until January when we are fully-licensed), teaching adults to be successful software engineers with specialties in AI, Data Science, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Mobile and Web App Development, and Business Automation.

I am also serving on the boards of several companies, including BundleIQ, which, forgive the plug here, but I truly believe could be an invaluable tool to both individual researches as well as teams. Think of it like Slack for notes - now with AI. (Let me know if you want a demo.)

Because of these and other commitments, I don’t feel that I can contribute the time and energy required to run the list, but I thank you all for putting your trust and faith in me over the past 3 decades.

Please extend this same trust and respect to our new fearless leader, Chris Marsh, as he takes the reins.

The main reason for this email is not just a peaceful transfer of power (hold the applause), but also to let you know that Chris and I will be coordinating a move of CRYOLIST to a new server. We apologize in advance for any hiccups this may cause. We will schedule the move for after AGU to avoid any missed session announcements.

We will notify you before and after the server change to keep you all in the loop.

Please continue to reach out and keep in touch – I’m still only an email, text, call, Zoom, or Slack message away!

All the best,

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