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[CliC] Self-nominations to participate in the WCRP Lighthouse Activities

Gwenaelle Hamon
Dear Cryolist,

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) is performing several consultations as part of its new WCRP implementation plan, and the input from its core projects is essential; as CliC, the Climate & Cryosphere Project, we have been requested to provide nominees to be part of the task teams that will develop the proposed Lighthouse Activities (LHA) science plans. LHA are intended to be:
--Major experiments, high-visibility projects, infrastructure building blocks
--Activities that truly bring together the capabilities (scientific, technical, infrastructure) from across the whole of WCRP and with partners.

The initial provisional Lighthouse Activities were developed during the Hamburg February 2020 workshop, https://www.wcrp-climate.org/WCRP-publications/2020/0220-WCRP_Hamburg_Workshop_Report.pdf .

Provisional Name of LHA


Explaining and Predicting Earth System Change

To design, and take major steps toward delivery of, an integrated capability for quantitative observation, explanation, early warning, and prediction of Earth System Change on global and regional scales, with a focus on multi-annual to decadal timescales. Outline

My Climate Risk

To develop a new framework for assessing and explaining regional climate risk to deliver climate information that is meaningful at the local scale. Outline

Safe Landing Climates

To explore the routes to climate-safe landing 'spaces’ for human and natural systems, on multi-decadal to centennial timescales; connecting climate, Earth system, and socio-economic sciences. Explore present-to-future “pathways” for the achievement of key Sustainable Development Goals. Outline

Digital Earths

To develop a digital and dynamic representation of the Earth system, optimally blending models and observations, to enable an exploration of past, present, and possible futures of the Earth system. Outline

WCRP Academy

To establish one or more targeted capacity exchange climate programmes, working with one or more of the other lighthouses and established climate education providers, including universities. (Outline still to be developed)

We are seeking self-nominations to join the teams charged with developing the respective full Lighthouse Activity Science Plans. As the table shows, there are five LHA ready to advance to this step, which means we need to nominate up to 10 from our community to support this task (i.e. 2 per Lighthouse).

Please provide a short paragraph to Gwen Hamon ([hidden email]) explaining the rationale for your nomination and include the name, the LHA you are interested in, home nation, and if you are an Early or Mid-Career researcher. The nominations will close as soon as suitable candidates have been identified

Best regards,
Gwenaelle HAMON
On behalf of Profs Fiamma Straneo and James Renwick, CliC-Co-Chairs
Gwénaëlle Hamon, M. Sc.
Executive Officer
, Climate and Cryosphere (CliC) Project of the World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)
Consultant at World Meteorological Organization (WMO)
Geneva, Switzerland
Twitter: @CliC_WCRP
Facebook: Climate and Cryosphere

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