Climate Change Communication at AGU 2018

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Climate Change Communication at AGU 2018

Rachel Valletta
Hey Cryolist,

Is public-facing climate change communication part of your work? What recommendation would you make to fellow researchers and bench scientists interested in engaging the public, but don’t know how?

If you’re a public-facing scientist, an informal educator, or somewhere in between, we want to hear from you! *Short talk* format will be 5-8 minutes long followed by Q&A. Extra first author submissions to ED sessions allowed.

Final abstract deadline is 1 August 2018, 11:59 PM EDT.
We look forward to seeing you in DC,
Rachel Valletta, Climate Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP), The Franklin Institute
Margie Turrin, Polar Learning and Responding (PoLAR), Columbia University

The rapidly advancing field of climate communication reveals that while the majority of Americans consider themselves interested in or personally affected by global warming, they rarely/never discuss the topic. This “spiral of silence” begets itself, and even those Americans gravely concerned about global warming and climate change shy away from discussing such topics because they themselves do not hear it. It is possible to reverse this trend by simply initiating a climate change conversation. 
Earth scientists are uniquely capable of engaging in such dialogue – and are increasingly motivated to do so – but are often untrained in the “how-to.” In this short oral session, we invite dynamic informal educators to share a best practice for initiating climate change conversations. Each talk will offer a single, proven tactic for research scientists to jump-start their own climate change conversations. Informal educators specializing in climate change communication are strongly encouraged to apply.


Rachel D Valletta, Ph.D.
Environmental Scientist
The Franklin Institute

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