Climate Data Guide: A New and Expanding Resource

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Climate Data Guide: A New and Expanding Resource

David Schneider
The CLIMATE DATA GUIDE <> is the go-to source for sound information and advice on the strengths, limitations and applications of climate data.

Visit the NSF-funded website to search for data sets used in climate analyses and model evaluation, learn about data sets’ strengths and limitations from expert-users and share expertise and advice on data sets.

To be the best possible resource for the community, the Climate Data Guide depends upon contributions from data developers and users like you. Get started by visiting <>. Comments and perspectives on data sets or model evaluation strategies are encouraged and will be credited to the author.

Over 3000 unique monthly visitors from around the world make the Climate Data Guide a one-of-a-kind platform for increasing the visibility of climate data sets as well as studies assessing climate data. Users are from academia, government and the private sector.

The Climate Data Guide facilitates access to many types of data sets and arranges them in convenient categories, such as data related to Earth System model diagnostics, data from various satellite missions, and the numerous atmospheric reanalyses, to name a few.

Suggestions and questions may be submitted to the website itself or emailed to <[hidden email]>.

Thank you for your input on this important project!

-David Schneider and Clara Deser

On behalf of the Climate Analysis Section of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), <>
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