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Climate variability workshop - POLAR2018

Thomas, Liz
Dear Colleagues

CLIVASH2K is a new project from PAGES and Future Earth. The aim is to improve our understanding of large-scale modes of climate variability and the mechanisms and drivers of climate change in Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic and the wider Southern Hemisphere during the past 2000 years. For more information Visit

We are holding a half-day workshop at the POLAR2018 conference in Davos on Monday 18th June.
We invite interested researchers working on a wide range of paleoclimate archives (ice cores, marine records, terrestrial and modelling) to come together to discuss ideas and plan future activities within the CLIVASH2K framework.

The workshop will involve a small number of invited talks and plenty of discussion. Please contact me if you would like to attend and specify if you would be interested in providing a short presentation or have a specific idea you wish to discuss.
The workshop is open to everyone, but all participants must be registered for the main conference (

Monday, 18 June 2018
8am - 1pm
Room A Forum
Contact: Liz Thomas ([hidden email] )

I look forward to seeing you in Davos.

(on behalf of the CLIVASH2K working group)

Dr Liz Thomas
Group Head - Ice Cores
British Antarctic Survey
Cambridge, CB3 0ET, UK

+44 1223 221658
[hidden email]

CLIVASH2K project lead

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