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Conference announcement: SLALOM2012

Matt King
Dear Colleagues

During March 19-22, 2012, the SLALOM2012 - Sea-Level and Adjustment of the Land: Observations and Models - conference will be held in Athens, Greece. See for details.

Sessions and conveners are:
    Glacial Isostatic Adjustment (GIA) - Conveners: Kurt Lambeck & Pippa Whitehouse
    Sea-level Indicators - Conveners: Paolo Pirazzoli & Christophe Morhange
    Post LGM ice sheet - Conveners: Philippe Huybrechts & Roderik van de Wal
    Sea-level reconstructions - Conveners: Paolo Stocchi & Antony Long
    Space geodetic observations of ice mass balance - Conveners: Matt King & Abbas Khan

The abstract deadline is Dec 31, 2011.

Although this is the final conference for COST Action ES0701 "Improved constraints on models of glacial isostatic adjustment" it is a *completely open meeting* and we invite you all to submit abstracts.


Matt King                                    
Chair COST Action ES0701
Reader in Polar Geodesy & RCUK Academic Fellow                        
School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences  Email: [hidden email]
Cassie Building            Ph:    0191 222 7833 Int: + 44 191 222 7833      
Newcastle University       Fax:   0191 222 6502 Int: + 44 191 222 6502                        
Newcastle upon Tyne        Web:
United Kingdom, NE1 7RU 

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