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Cryo Connect - cryosphere science outreach gateway

Cryo Connect
Dear colleagues,

We invite you to join Cryo Connect, a non-profit gateway facilitating information exchange between cryo scientists, journalists, policy makers and everyone else with a professional interest in the cryosphere.

We aim to provide equal exposure to all scientist groups, including those that are currently underrepresented in the media and beyond, such as aspiring young researchers, women, and scientists from non-native English speaking countries. Scientists can sign up by listing their areas of expertise and contact information. Information seekers that contact Cryo Connect with specific questions will then receive a shortlist of those scientists that can provide answers.

Additionally, Cryo Connect provides a platform to push your science news to larger audiences, much like sending out your own personal press releases (however short they may be), for instance by tweeting @CryoConnect.

Like this CryoList - Cryo Connect is and always will be free and simple. You will not be spammed, will not be obliged to act on anything, and can unlist anytime. A team of scientists runs Cryo Connect and safeguards your best interests.

For the journalists and other information seekers among you: please also visit our website!

All the best,
Liam Colgan, Inka Koch, Faezeh Nick and Dirk van As

Cryo Connect

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