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Cryolist announcement request

Kip Rithner

Hello there,


I hope you’ll consider publishing this notice on the list.



Arctic Photo Contest


Send your favorite arctic photo to [hidden email] by August 15. If selected for the Polar Field Services Arctic Visions 2013 calendar, you’ll earn fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams—or a gift certificate worth up to $100, whichever comes first.

Send your image to [hidden email] by August 15. Provide caption information, including the image location and anything that might help us understand why the picture is a winner.
• One photo per artist, please
• Submit a decent-quality image: 1Mb or better
• If your image includes people, ensure they are comfortable with being featured in our calendar, and please identify them by spelling their names correctly

We’ll contact you if we select your image. We’ll choose 13 total, so you stand a great chance of winning!





Kip Rithner

Planner, Polar Field Services, Inc.

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Littleton, CO 80127

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