Cryosphere Focus Group sessions at the 2014 Fall AGU meeting

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Cryosphere Focus Group sessions at the 2014 Fall AGU meeting

Helen Amanda Fricker
Dear Cryolist,

You may have noticed this week that you are receiving fewer emails advertising Cryosphere (C) sessions at the 2014 Fall AGU meeting.  That is because last Thursday all C-conveners were contacted and it was suggested that they stop, so that we do not saturate everyone.  Although this is up to each individual convener, I hope that this will be your one-stop AGU Cryosphere session email.  In total there are 132 sessions you could potentially send your Cryosphere abstract to:
1) C-primary: There are 40 sessions with C as their primary affiliation; these were helpfully sent around by Andy Bliss ~2 weeks ago and you can see them all here:  Note that there is overlap between many of these sessions and some may get merged after abstracts have been submitted.

2) C-affiliated: There are 64 sessions that are cross-listed with C.  These are hard to find (since although AGU encourages conveners to do this, they do not have an easy way to search for them).  We have compiled a list of these C-affiliated sessions which is here:

3) Not-C-affiliated: There are 28 sessions that appear to have some Cryosphere theme, which were not cross-listed with C; those are here:

Since Cryosphere is an interdisciplinary field, there are bound be have some cross-listed sessions, but please first consider submitting your Cryosphere-related work to one of the 40 C-primary sessions.  There are two reasons for this:

i) They are easier for people to find in the program as AGU does not have an easy way to search for cross-listed sessions;
ii) It is easier for the schedulers to avoid conflicts if the session has C listed as the primary, since each Focus Group or Section has 2 dedicated schedulers at the 3-day scheduling meeting in September (yes there is a big meeting to plan a much bigger meeting).  For example, a session that has Geodesy as primary and cross-listed with C will not necessarily be scheduled at a time that works well for Cryosphere people.

An added incentive to support your C-primary sessions is that AGU has offered a bonus of $1000 towards the reception of the Focus Group or Section that has the highest percentage of abstracts submitted by 30th July (relative to the total received by 5th August).

Best wishes - Helen

Dr Helen Amanda Fricker
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla, California, USA
Tel: <a href="tel:858-534-6145" value="+18585346145" target="_blank">858-534-6145 (w)
      <a href="tel:619-993-3569" value="+16199933569" target="_blank">619-993-3569 (cell)

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