Cryosphere PhD opportunities at the University of Edinburgh

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Cryosphere PhD opportunities at the University of Edinburgh

Donald Slater
Dear Colleagues,

Please find below a number of fully-funded PhD projects offered by the Cryosphere Group ( and friends within the School of GeoSciences at the University of Edinburgh.

These studentships are available through the NERC-funded Edinburgh Earth, Ecology and Environment Doctoral Training Partnership (E4 DTP) and the NERC and UK Space Agency-funded Satellite Data in Environmental Science Centre for Doctoral Training (SENSE CDT). More details on these schemes, including eligibility and instructions on how to apply, can be found at and respectively. If you are interested in a particular project, we encourage you to contact the primary supervisor.

Please note the application deadline of 7 January 2021 at noon for E4 DTP projects and 10 January 2021 for SENSE CDT projects.


Techniques for uncertainty quantification in glaciology (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Dr. James Maddison (School of Mathematics),  Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Dr. Robert Arthern (British Antarctic Survey),  Dr. Aretha Teckentrup (School of Mathematics)

The Role of Subglacial Hydrology in the stability of Thwaites Glacier (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Dr. Noel Gourmelen, Dr. James Maddison (School of Mathematics), Dr. Christine Dow (University of Waterloo)

Resolving ambiguity on the late glacial and Holocene ice history of southernmost South America (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Dr. Andy Hein, Dr. Robert McCulloch (Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia), Dr. Derek Fabel (SUERC), Prof. Robert Bingham

Do jammed icebergs reduce the sensitivity of the Greenland ice sheet to climate change? (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Dr. Donald Slater, Prof. Peter Nienow, Prof. Fiamma Straneo (Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Investigating the potential for catastrophic collapse of Greenland's 'land'-terminating glacier margins (E4 DTP & SENSE CDT)
Supervisors: Prof. Peter Nienow, Dr. Anna Hogg (University of Leeds), Dr. Ruth Mottram (Danish Meteorological Society), Dr. Daniel Goldberg, Dr. Mal McMillan (Lancaster University), Dr. Andrew Sole (University of Sheffield)

Life in Cold Places: The habitability of ices on Earth and icy moons (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Prof. Charles Cockell (School of Physics & Astronomy), Prof. Peter Nienow, Dr. Ian Butler

The Influence of Climate on the long-term stability of Greenland's Outlet Glaciers (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Prof. Peter Nienow, Dr. Andrew Tedstone (University of Fribourg),  Dr. Andrew Sole (University of Sheffield), Dr. Daniel Goldberg

Stability of Antarctica’s last frontier: Princess Elizabeth Land, East Antarctica (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Prof. Robert Bingham, Dr. Sohan Seth (School of Informatics), Prof. Martin Siegert

The physics of permafrost soils: modelling thaw and the carbon cycle (E4 DTP)
Supervisors: Dr. Lorna Street, Prof. Mathew Williams, Prof. Richard Essery

The future behaviour of glaciers in High Mountain Asia in response to climate warming (SENSE CDT)
Supervisors: Dr Daniel Goldberg, Dr Amaury Dehecq (ETH Zurich), Dr Fanny Brun (Grenoble), Dr Noel Gourmelen, Dr Hamish Pritchard (British Antarctic Survey), Prof Andrew Curtis

Donald Slater
Research Fellow in Glaciology at the University of St Andrews
From April 2021: NERC Independent Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh
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