Cryosphere in a changing climate: data and observations, Moscow 4-6 June 2018

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Cryosphere in a changing climate: data and observations, Moscow 4-6 June 2018

A. Glazovsky

Dear colleagues,
with best wishes for a Happy New Year 2018 we would like to draw your attention to a thematic session
TS: Cryosphere in a changing climate: data and observations
at 2018 International Geographical Union Thematic Conference Practical Geography and Challenges of the 21st Century in Moscow on 4-6 June 2018.

The conference which will be held under the auspices of the International Geographical Union (IGU) is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) - the largest world-renowned geographical research organization in Russia. This occasion provides an opportunity to make an overview of the domestic and international trends in geography’s development to analyse the growing impact of scientific research internationalization, the aggravation of global problems, changing theoretical paradigms, radical renewal of research methods and predictions’ validity, as well as to strengthen the integration between social and environmental branches of geography.

The conference will be held in the buildings of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow’s historical center near the Moskva River.

TS: Cryosphere in a changing climate: data and observations

Co-chairs of the session: Tatiana Khromova; Stanislav Kutuzov; Andrey Glazovsky
Session outline
The earth cryosphere includes important elements of the earth system like snow cover, glaciers, permafrost, seasonally frozen ground, and lake and river ice. The cryosphere is currently one of the most prominent symbols to visualize the impact of climate change, because changes in many cryospheric variables can be observed in nature even by non-scientists. The observed changes in climate are affecting all elements of the cryosphere on different scales. On a global scale, glaciers and ice caps are increasingly influencing the global sea level rise and are therefore threatening many heavily populated regions close to seashores. On a local to over regional scale the current retreat of mountain glaciers worldwide influences the water discharge and consequently sustainable agriculture and energy production, or mountain permafrost affecting slope stability. Therefore, it is still an urgent need to improve the understanding of cryospheric processes and the corresponding long-term evolution of glaciers in connection with climate change adaptation programmes in order to reduce the high vulnerability of people living in mountainous and Polar Regions.
Contributions of all kind on cryosphere topics dealing with field measurements, remote sensing observations, data management are highly welcomed.


Depending on the number of submissions a thematic sub-sessions will be organized as well.

You can submit the abstracts of your presentations at by January 15 (possible extension to 15 February), 2018.

You may also consider other cryosphere related sessions:
TS:Paleoclimate records as a key to understanding of the global environmental change (chair Vladimir Mikhalenko)

C16.05: Cold & High Altitude Regions challenges and solutions for achieving sustainability (co-chairs Tatiana Vlasova, Arkady Tishkov)

TS: Mountains 21: New Challenges. Role and Responsibility of Geography (co-chairs Yuri Badenkov, Alexey Gunya)

The conference program includes scientific two-hour bus tour around Moscow.
For an extra charge conference participants, may also take part in a two-day tour around the cities of the Russian Golden Ring and St. Petersburg on June 7-8

Please feel free to distribute this information.

working language - English.

Hope to see many of you in Moscow in June 2018

kind regards
Stanislav Kutuzov
Head of Dept. of Glaciology, Institute of Geography
Russian Academy of Sciences
119017, Staromonetny per. 29, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: (903) 7090909
Tel.: (499) 1259011 (work)
Fax :(495) 9590033
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