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Cryosphere-related books for sale, journals for free

Sarah Boon
Hi everyone,

Further to my original email (below), I still have some books for sale - partciularly for Quaternary or dendrochronology folks. See the list here.

On the off chance that there's anyone on the list who still prefers hard copy journals over e-versions, I also have the following cold regions journals available free, for the cost of shipping from British Columbia:

1. JGlac 1950-1983 - missing 4(32) from 1962
2. JGlac 2000-2012, plus 2 Annals of Glaciology: 40 (2005) and 46 (2007). 

If I don't hear from anyone about the journals in the next two weeks, they'll be recycled.


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Subject: Cryosphere-related books for sale
Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2017 13:16:53 -0700
From: Sarah Boon [hidden email]
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Hi everyone,

I have a number of cryosphere-related books for sale, from Paterson's Physics of Glaciers to Barry's Mountain Weather & Climate.

You can see the whole list here:

You'll find most books are very reasonably priced, and shipping is extra.

Please share with your students if they're not on this list.



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