Cryosphere seismology at SSA 2019 (Abstracts due soon!)

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Cryosphere seismology at SSA 2019 (Abstracts due soon!)

Lipovsky, Bradley
Dear Colleagues,

We invite you to submit your cryosphere seismology work the technical session,

Environmental Seismology: Glaciers, Rivers, Landslides and Beyond
Seismological Society of America Annual Meeting  
Seattle, WA, USA 
23-26 April 2019

The abstract deadline is 11 January.  More info:

Happy New Year,

Brad, Marine, and Rick

Environmental Seismology: Glaciers, Rivers, Landslides and Beyond

Environmental seismology is the study of seismic signals generated at and near the surface created by environmental forces in the atmosphere, hydrosphere or solid Earth. Contributions to this session are welcome on a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to) the seismic signals associated with landslides, rock falls, debris flows, lahars, snow avalanches, cliff or pinnacle resonance, bedload transport, fluid flow in open and confined channels, open water waves, tides, glacial stick-slip, iceberg calving, crevassing, extreme weather, other anthropogenic sources. In addition, other processes monitored by seismic waves such as permafrost, groundwater, soil moisture using seismometers or DAS data are welcome. Contributions that seek to conduct monitoring, create physical or statistical models of source processes or systems, detect events, characterize a wave propagation environment, or interact with other branches of the Earth or social sciences are additionally encouraged.

Bradley Paul Lipovsky, Harvard University ([hidden email])
Marine A. Denolle, Harvard University ([hidden email])
Richard C. Aster, Colorado State University ([hidden email])

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