DACA-13 Abstract deadline 31 Jan: Session A4.2 Sea ice and ocean-atmosphere interactions

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DACA-13 Abstract deadline 31 Jan: Session A4.2 Sea ice and ocean-atmosphere interactions

James Renwick
A last-minute reminder that the deadline for abstracts for DACA-13 (www.daca13.org) is 31 January 2013, just a few days away.  It is not too late to submit!

If you are working in the area of Arctic or Antarctic climate, sea ice, oceanography, or related fields, please consider submitting an abstract to session A4.2 -

Sea ice and ocean-atmosphere interactions
Convenors: James Renwick, John Turner, Sharon Stammerjohn, and Hiroyuki Enomoto

Sea ice is a critical component of the climate system, affecting atmosphere, oceans, and biological systems. In the Arctic, sea ice extent has been decreasing for decades while in the Antarctic, total extent has been increasing slowly. Understanding these conflicting trends, and predicting the future state of sea ice fields in both hemispheres is vital for our understanding of global climate change. This session will explore the latest developments in our understanding of atmosphere-ice-ocean interactions, process studies to improve understanding of such interactions, and improved modelling of sea ice in the context of global earth-system models. The session will include, but is not limited to, studies of sea ice albedo, surface energy exchange in the sea ice zone, the role of snow on sea ice, sea ice kinematics and dynamics, interactions between sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics, and the impact of sea ice formation and sea ice melt on ocean structure. It will also cover re
   mote sensing of sea ice and sea ice modelling and prediction, both regional and global.


Dr James Renwick
Associate Professor of Physical Geography School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences Victoria University of Wellington
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