DACA-13 session: Glaciers in a changing climate: a global picture

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DACA-13 session: Glaciers in a changing climate: a global picture

Leclercq, P.W.
Dear colleagues:

We would like to draw your attention to the DACA-13 conference held on 8-12 July 2013 in Davos, Switzerland <http://www.daca-13.org/>, and in particular to the Session A5.3: Glaciers in a changing climate: a global picture

Session abstract:
Glaciers are found from the warm Tropics to the cold Arctic regions and from maritime to continental climates. Despite the climatic differences, glaciers in all parts of the world are currently losing mass, thereby contributing to sea-level rise.

The response of a glacier to a changing climate is mainly determined by the climatic conditions and its geometry, but also by the debris cover and frontal characteristics. The differences between individual glaciers form a challenge for global assessments of the contribution of glaciers to sea level change. An additional complication is that well-studied regions like the European Alps and Scandinavia only contain a small fraction of the world’s ice volume, while little is known about the long-term behaviour of glaciers in heavily glacierised regions, for example Alaska, Arctic Canada and the Himalayas.

We invite contributions on the response of glaciers to a changing climate, from observations and modelling of current changes at individual glaciers to volume projections on regional and global scales. Studies addressing glacier changes in regions with a large potential sea-level contribution are especially welcome.

Abstract Submission Deadlines
Submission deadline with grant application: 14 December 2012 (tomorrow!)
Submission deadline without grant application 31 January 2013

We look forward to your abstracts and hope to see you in Switzerland.

Kind regards,
Rianne, Tad, and Paul

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