Data Session at Arctic Change 2017 in Québec City - Abstracts due this Friday, 22 September!

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Data Session at Arctic Change 2017 in Québec City - Abstracts due this Friday, 22 September!

Julie Friddell
Good afternoon!

Please consider submitting an abstract for the following data session at Arctic Change 2017 (  Abstracts are due in 4 days!

MON04. Advancing Data Sharing, Access, and Analysis for Understanding the Arctic

Julie Friddell (Polar Data Catalogue/Canadian Cryospheric Information Network, U. Waterloo)
Paul Thompson (The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice)
Shannon Christoffersen Vossepoel (Research Data and Info. Svc., Arctic Institute of North America, U. Calgary)

As global progress is made in the policies, infrastructure, tools, and practice of effective data management, more Arctic data are becoming publicly available, and thus, increasingly accessible online. This wealth of newly-available Arctic data resources allows for greater data reuse and integration, leading to increased opportunities for understanding the various environmental, social, economic, and other changes occurring in northern regions. To realize this opportunity, however, new services and tools must be established to facilitate and simplify data sharing and access so that users do not have to struggle to find, combine, and analyse these data for new research and discovery. In this session, we invite presentations on sharing and integrating data to facilitate access, analysis, and understanding of the changing Arctic. We encourage researchers, data managers, and others interested in using public data to share their experiences, plans, and needs for enhancing data availability and reuse. Examples could include techniques for producing data in standardized formats to streamline archiving and subsequent sharing, establishment of interoperability functions at repositories for sharing metadata and data files, or researcher requirements for integrating disparate datasets for advanced analysis. Specific examples may include specialized web services or other sharing tools, data visualisations and interactive display, or analysis interfaces which allow data mashup or fusion to reach new conclusions from old data. Additionally, we invite presentations which demonstrate data analysis tools, not only for quantitative data but also for qualitative analysis of textual data from surveys, interviews, or other social science research.

Thank you for your consideration!  We hope to see you in Québec City in December,

Julie, on behalf of the session chairs

Julie E. Friddell, Ph.D.
Director, Canadian Cryospheric Information Network/Polar Data Catalogue
Department of Geography & Environmental Management
University of Waterloo
200 University Avenue West
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1
[hidden email]
1-519-888-4567 x 32689

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