Data set update: PROMICE Ice Discharge

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Data set update: PROMICE Ice Discharge

Ken Mankoff
Dear Colleagues,

The PROMICE Ice Discharge data, accessible through the GEUS PROMICE Data Portal, have been updated to include Greenland Ice Sheet discharge through the beginning of this month - 2019-08-04. These data have been and will be updated multiple times a month as new velocity products are released. I will not email with each update after this one.

Version 1 and continually updated data are available at

The Version 1 publication is available at

The post-peer-review publication website documenting changes, known issues, planned and completed improvements, and other similar work released since publication is available at


  Ken Mankoff

Ken Mankoff
Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Department of Glaciology and Climate
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