Debris-Covered Glaciers session at the EGU 2012 in Vienna

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Debris-Covered Glaciers session at the EGU 2012 in Vienna

Lindsey Nicholson

We invite you to participate in the Debris-Covered Glaciers session at the EGU 2012 in Vienna.

The session aims to draw together knowledge on all aspects of debris-covered glacier systems, and we welcome contributions including, but not limited to, (i) origins and characteristics of supraglacial debris cover; (ii) measurements or modeling of energy balance of debris-covered ice; (iii) mass balance measurements or modeling of debris-covered glaciers; (iv) dynamics and recent fluctuations of debris-covered glaciers; (v) depositional records of debris-covered glaciers, reconstructions of former glaciers and climatic interpretations of the depositional record; and (vi) hydrology of debris-covered glaciers and the development of associated glacier lake outburst flood hazards.

We aim to offer a diverse session drawing together all the current knowledge on debris covered glaciers stemming from all the earth sciences.

Abstracts are due by the 17th January (or the 15th December if you are applying for financial support).

Session details as follows:

EGU Vienna, 22 - 27th April 2012

CR 8.20: Debris covered glaciers

Conveners: Lindsey Nicholson (Innsbruck), Doug Benn (UNIS) and Martin Kirkbride (Dundee)
Please contact us if you have any questions about this session

Dr Lindsey Nicholson Centre for Climate and Cryosphere
Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, Universität Innsbruck, Austria
<a href="tel:%2B43%20%280%29512%20507%205418" value="+435125075418" target="_blank">+43 (0)512 507 5418


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